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International Pure Water

IPW 40-Cup Countertop Dispenser

IPW 40-Cup Countertop Dispenser

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Our state-of-the-art water purification solution incorporates Nanotechnology for an inexpensive and user-friendly product. Many other home filter systems use a small number of large absorption granules in their filter media to remove contaminants. Unlike those filtration systems, IPW Countertop Filter uses billions of tiny nanoparticles. This dramatically expands the available purifying surface area which increases the effectiveness of our filters exponentially. This all comes in a convenient 40-cup countertop unit that removes Lead, Forever Chemicals, Microplastics in minutes, providing clean and healthy drinking water for your family. 


  • State of The Art Filtration
  • Ships with 90-day filter
  • Long & Short Term Solutions
  • 24/7 Online & Phone Support
  • Sustainable Solution
  • Door-to-Door Logistics
  • Affordability for All Clean Water
  • Happy & Healthy Residents

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